Depura Matic/Auto

The filters of the line DEPURA MINI, DEPURA MATIC SI and DEPURA AUTOMATIC are self cleaning filters for municipal water, suitable for domestic, technical and industrial use. These filters have the benefit that no periodic maintenance of the filter cartridge is necessary: as a matter of fact, the filter cartridge is kept clean by the periodic washing combined with an effective mechanical brushing. In the manual model, cleaning is carried out by turning the upper knob, while in the automatic model, once set the frequency in days on the timer, the self cleaning automatically takes places in complete safety.

DEPURA MINI and DEPURA MATIC SI are available with head in brass or polypropylene and housing in san plastic material, resistant to high pressures and temperatures. Equipped with stainless steel filter cartridge. Installation is fast and easy thanks to the adjustable in-line connections of DEPURA MATIC SI filters. Backwash operated.

DEPURA AUTOMATIC are available with head in brass and housing in san plastic material. Fitted with stainless steel filter cartridge 90μm.