Depura 700 are standard security filters which remove sand and foreign bodies from water. They are used for civil, technical and industrial use. They are made up of head in brass or polypropylene and housing in SAN plastic material, resistant to high pressure, or Trogamid, resistant to high temperature too. Depura 700 filters can house the filter cartridges below:

- Washable net 7” PP 60μm

- Washable net 7” PP 90μm

- STAINLESS STEEL Washable net 7” 90μm

- FLAT STAINLESS STEEL Washable net 7” 90μm

- Wound cotton 7” PP 5μm

- Wound cotton 7” PP 20μm

Having a larger filter surface than Depura 550, the washing frequency of the cartridge is reduced.