Deferr iron removers are able to remove high amounts of iron and manganese. Before passing through the iron remover water to be treated shall be oxidized, so has to remain in a tank for the time necessary to complete the oxidizing process:

• 30’ for 1,5 ppm of Fe

• 45’ for 3 ppm of Fe

• 60’ for 6 ppm of Fe

From the tank water is pumped via a surge tank into the iron remover, where the filter media retain iron and manganese oxidized and turned into flocks. The flocks accumulated by the filter media shall be periodically removed with a backwash. The backwash frequency can be programmed by time. The system is to be sized according to the maximum flow rate per hour and to the levels of iron and manganese.

Deferr units are made up of:

• head with hydropneumatic valve in plastic material and electronic timer ET 500 F

• cylinder in plastic material covered in fireglass containing the active media.