DOSACLOR is an anti legionella system for the control and proportional dosing of Gelclor disinfectant and Gelfimex anti corrosion product, in installations with sanitary hot water storage. Suitable in presence of legionella to avoid bacterium development and growth.

DOSACLOR is supplied assembled on a panel, ready for installation, and includes:
• Panel 80 x 100 cm
• Proportional metering pump for dosing anti corrosion conditioning chemicals
• Self degassing proportional metering pump for dosing Gelclor (with high surface tension)
• Hot water fiter
• Digital instrument for chlorine measurement and regulation
• Amperometric cell and cell holder
• Flow sensor on the disinfecting line
• Suction nozzle with level probe on the disinfecting line
• Level probes
• 25 l. empty can to decant disinfectants
• Kit complete with suction, delivery and drain hoses, injection connections and foot filter