LL 400

Non acid restoring product to remove sludge, corrosion debris and deposits built over time in heating systems. Recommended for underflor heating systems.

Suitable for all metals, including aluminium.

• Long Life 400. Dose 1 litre of product per 100 litres of system water (1 l. can for systems up to 8/10 radiators).

• Long Life 400 POCKET. Dilute 100 grams of product in 1 litre of water, better if demineralised or RO water. The amount is suffiient for 100 litres of water in the system (a 100 g sachet for systems up to 8/10 radiators).

Circulate up to 1 week via the boiler circulator. To speed up restoring, use LL Superflsh power flshing pumps. Once power flshing has been completed, rinse thoroughly.