It's time to plan the cleaning of your heating system!


You well know that heating affects energy consumption and carbon emissions.  If you also neglect the formation of sludge and scale, energy waste will be huge as well as the increase in your bill.

GEL provides a complete range of products and equipment to CLEAN, SANITIZE and PROTECT systems depending on the level of fouling and bacterial contamination. With Long Life line, suitable for all metals including aluminium, you can:

  1. Improve the efficiency of your system; your customer will save 20% on bill
  2. Increase the heat exchange and solve  the problem of cold radiators
  3. Remove noises, vibrations and unpleasant smells


GEL Specialists guide you on how to wash your heating system with a VIDEO realized to simplify your work and make you the Professional of maintenance.

LOOK AT THE VIDEO, click on the image below and call us to know GEL dealers.