Grains of sand, rust and scale cause pipes break, damage to washing machines and dishwashers, block of the moving parts in the valves. Moreover, scale deposits on sanitary and taps, as well as in the pipes, which reduce the thermal efficiency of the system and send the bills up.

Here’s how to prevent and eliminate these problems… after the water meter:

  1. Install an anti flood filter. Besides avoiding that sand and debris of different nature run through domestic pipes and reach and damage taps, the filter detects all leakages due to failures or anomalous consumption.

  2. If water is hard, install a softener. By preventing the formation of scale deposits, the ion exchange water softener extends the life of your appliances and reduce the use of detergents.

  3. Install an anti scale dosing unit in the boiler. An efficient boiler is a synonymous with less fuel consumption, therefore more bill savings.

  4. And, every year, check and maintain your heating system.

Do you want to improve the taste of water you drink?

  5. Install a domestic reverse osmosis water purifier under the sink. The purchase and transport of plastic mineral bottles will become only a vague memory