• 22 12 2014
    GEL configurator

    Lime scale stains everywhere? Damaged household appliances? Clogged pipes breaking? Expensive bills?


    Go to the homepage of our website www.gel.it , enter the number of apartments the system will supply and the water hardness in the Gelconfigurator section. With just two data you will find out the treatments your heating and sanitary system needs. 

    If you do not know the water hardness … use the GEL Hardness Test Kit.


    Finally a simple and handy tool to quickly configure your water treatment system. Even from your smartphone

    What are you waiting for? Are you not keen to know the GEL SOLUTIONS to improve domestic energy efficiency and save on your utilities?

  • 07 07 2014
    Video of landifill leachate treatment plant

    Finally online video of landfill leachate treatment plant, built by GEL for Ecoambiente Salerno SpA.

    Mario Capo and Domenico Ruggiero, Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director of Ecoambiente Salerno respectively, explain us what were the problems on disposal of leachate of Parapoti and Macchia Soprana landfills before GEL plant installation and the benefits a year after the startup of GEL plant.

    Piero Camera, Sales Manager of GEL Industrial Division, explain the GEL solution proposed.

    GEL. The reliable Partner that accompanies from design to building and installation, up to the management of the plant.

    Click below and enjoy the video!

    01 07 2013

    Portable reverse osmosis unit:

    to wash solar panels

    to fill heating systems and...

    to wash without leaving rings.


    Download the Data Sheet:

    ST0060-gel wheely pure-en (2,039kB - PDF)
  • 29 11 2012
    Be different! Treat your water system well.

    Small tricks to save money, improve the quality of your life and help the environment.

    Starting just from the water system...

    Click on the title of the news. 

  • 18 10 2012
    GEL mobile plant for Civil Protection

    GEL is awarded the contract to supply "turnkey" of a drinking water mobile unit for Civil Protection.


    GEL. The reliable Partner for individuals, business and public administrations.

    To download datasheets, click on the title of the news.

  • 06 09 2012

    Have you planned the cleaning of your heating system?


    In autumn, check the conditions of your heating system and do the maintenance.

    With Long Life chemicals and equipment and the video-guide,

    cleaning your heating system is fast and easy!


    Look at the video... comfortably from your smartphone.

  • Climapur+idraulico
    05 04 2012
    Breathe fresh and clean air. Choose CLIMAPUR!

    ClimaPur. Spray cleaner-sanitizer.


    ClimaPur is a liquid product

    with cleaning and bactericide action

    for cleaning and sanitizing filters and terminal units

  • MCE 2012
    03 04 2012
    Busy stand at MCE 2012

    Great success at GEL Stand

    Over 3,000 visitors in four days


    Thank you from GEL Team

  • MCE 2012
    08 03 2012
    GEL at MCE 2012

    Waiting for you at Pavilion 2

    Stand U33 P33


    News, games, gadgets and...

    a tasty buffet